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Working Principle of a Glass Bong
The working principle of a Glass Bong is based on several key physical phenomena, including filtration, cooling, and bubble dynamics. Below are the basic steps and principles behind the operation of a glass pipe

The user inhales through the mouthpiece, creating a negative pressure.
As the user inhales, the air pressure inside the pipe decreases, and the external atmospheric pressure draws the smoke from the combustion chamber (bowl) through the downstem into the pipe.
The smoke first passes through the downstem into the water chamber (base), where the water serves to filter and cool the smoke. The water can absorb some of the impurities in the smoke and reduce its temperature.
When the smoke passes through the water surface, it forms bubbles, which further disperse and cool the smoke.
As the smoke rises in the water chamber, it comes into contact with more water, resulting in secondary cooling and filtration.
The smoke that has passed through the water chamber continues to rise through the main stem, where there may be multiple cooling zones to further enhance the cooling effect of the smoke.
In some designs, the main stem may contain multiple cooling chambers or filtration components to further improve the smoking experience.
Finally, the cooled and filtered smoke is inhaled by the user through the mouthpiece.
To prevent water from entering the mouthpiece, some pipes are designed with anti-reflux mechanisms, such as one-way valves or special conduit designs

Cleaning Method:
A mixture of isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt is an effective cleaning solution. Soak the glass pipe in this solution, then scrub it with a cleaning brush or cloth.
Ensure to use hot water, as it aids in dissolving residue and acts as a disinfectant.
Use a container large enough to accommodate your glass bong and the cleaning solution.
Maintenance Tips:
Empty any remaining water and ash immediately after use.
Regularly clean with soapy water to remove surface stains and fingerprints.
Avoid using abrasive cleaners or tools to prevent scratching the glass surface.
Cleaning Frequency:
The frequency of cleaning depends on the usage rate, the type of tobacco smoked, and personal preference.
If you use the glass bong daily, it may require cleaning at least once a week.
If the usage is less frequent, cleaning every two weeks or once a month may suffice
More detail about cleaning and maintenance, view our blog how to clean glass pipes

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