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What beaker bongs are there on Phoenix Star website?
Phoenix Star Glass offers a range of beaker bongs to cater to various customer needs, including small beaker bongs (6-10 inches), medium bongs (11-14 inches), tall beakers (15-18 inches), budget beaker bongs, and premium-priced beaker, classic beaker, beaker bong with perc.

Beaker Bong is a popular design for water pipes, a name derived from its base that resembles a laboratory beaker. 

Distinctive features of beaker bongs
Stability: With its wide base, the beaker bong is typically very stable and less prone to tipping over.
Capacity: The beaker-shaped base provides more space, allowing for a larger water reservoir that enhances the volume of smoking capacity.
Durability: The broader base contributes to a more solid construction, reducing the likelihood of accidental damage that could occur with a narrower base.
Design: They often boast a minimalist and classic look, appealing to a wide range of users.
Smoking Experience: The larger water capacity allows for a more extended continuous smoking experience without the need for frequent water replenishment.
Size: Beaker bongs come in various sizes, from portable mini versions to larger, more substantial tabletop models.
Additional Features: Some beaker bongs may include extra features like an integrated filtration system (percolator), ice catchers, or multi-hole downstems to enhance the filtration and smoking experience.
Aesthetics: Many beaker bongs are crafted with colored glass or other decorative features, making them a part of home decor.
Price: The price range is diverse, catering to everything from budget-friendly to high-end custom models.
Maintenance: All bongs require regular cleaning to maintain optimal performance, and the beaker bong is no exception. However, the beaker bong's design makes it relatively easy to clean. Favored for its wide base and stable footing, it poses less risk of tipping or spilling during cleaning. Moreover, certain design aspects of the beaker bong, such as detachable downstems and easily disassembled structures, simplify the cleaning and maintenance process.

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