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    Elevate your smoking experience with the Percolator Bong Beaker with Double Layers Ball Inside ,a sophisticated choice for connoisseurs seeking both style and substance. Here's why this piece stands out:

    • Height and Stability: At 11 inches tall, this bong offers a balanced height for optimal water filtration and is stable enough for comfortable use.
    • Advanced Cooling System: The Double Layers Ball Inside feature enhances the bong's cooling process, providing cleaner and smoother hits by increasing the surface area of the smoke and water interaction.
    • Beaker Base Design: The classic beaker shape ensures stability and a larger water reservoir for extended use.
    • Versatility: Ideal for both dry herbs and tobacco, this bong adapts to your preference, making it a versatile addition to your smoking accessories.

    Height: 11 inches
    Material: high-quality boros glass

Phoenix Star Glass Perc Beaker Bong with Double Layers Ball Inside

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