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    Phoenix Star 6.5 Inches Recycling Dab Rig With American Northstar Glass Rod PHX829: 
    Sophisticated Design: The Recycler Oil Rig, meticulously crafted with an American Northstar Glass Rod, offers a sophisticated smoking experience. Its compact 6.5-inch height is not just portable but also ensures a robust hit, every time.

    High-Quality Quartz Banger: This oil glass smoking pipe comes equipped with a quartz banger, renowned for its purity and ability to vaporize concentrates at high temperatures without imparting any flavors. It provides a clean and authentic taste, enhancing the overall dabbing experience.

    Stunning Aesthetics: The mixed colors of the Recycler Oil Rig make it a visually appealing piece of art. Each rig is a unique spectacle, with vibrant colors that catch the eye and a design that stands out among traditional smoking pipes. It's as much a collectible as it is a functional oil rig.

    Efficient Filtration and Smooth Hits: The rig dabber's design results in an efficient filtration process. The water movement within the rig creates a smooth and enjoyable hit, while the rig's structure minimizes splashback, allowing for a more relaxed and enjoyable dabbing session.

    Height: 6.5 inches
    Made with American Northstar Glass Rod
    Feature: a 14mm quartz banger, Recycler design

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Phoenix Star 6.5 Inches Recycling Dab Rig With American Northstar Glass Rod

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