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Phoenix star glycerin bongs are filled with medical grade glycerin which is safe and does not expand after freezing. 
The glycerin chamber or glycerin coil is typically detachable and can be pre-frozen in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours or even more to enhance its cooling effect, allowing the glass bong to provide a smoother and cooler smoking experience. 

Glycerin bongs are a special type of water bong, they use glycerin instead of water or ice to cool and filter the smoke produced while smoking. Here are some of the key features of glycerin bongs:
Cooling Effect: Glycerin is typically better at cooling than water because it has a greater specific heat capacity than water, which means it can absorb more heat, resulting in a colder smoke.

Smoking Experience: glycerin bongs are designed to provide a smoother, cooler smoking experience, making them an appealing option for users seeking the ultimate in flavor.

Lubricating effect: Glycerin has lubricating properties and the resistance of the airflow through the bong is reduced, making it easier to smoke without any effort.

Safety: Glycerin is a safe substance widely used in the food and cosmetic industries, so using glycerin as a coolant is considered safe.
Noise Reduction: When smoking, glycerin reduces the noise created by the flow of water inside the bong, providing a quieter smoking experience.
Design: glycerin bongs may feature special designs such as larger glycerin chambers or special cooling coil to maximize their cooling effect.

Price: glycerin bongs may be slightly more expensive than traditional water pipes due to the use of glycerin instead of water.

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