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    Phoenix Star Glass 12 Inch Freeze Pipe PHX899, it is a premium glycerin water pipe crafted for those seeking a cooler, smoother hit. The freezable glycerin bong has a special design that enhances flavor and filtration, making it a standout choice for connoisseurs. At 12 inches tall, this colorful and portable piece offers a perfect balance of performance and convenience. Each Phoenix Star Glass bong is a unique blend of functionality and artistry, ready to be the centerpiece of your smoking sessions. Discover the difference a freeze pipe can make - order your Phoenix Star Glass bong today!

    Height: 12 inches
    Downstem Size: 18mm
    Bowl Size: 14mm

    Feature: Freezable glycerin bong
    Colors: Red, Green, Blue

12 Inchs Premium Glycerin Water Pipe by Phoenix Star Glass

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