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    PHOENIX STAR Freezable Coil Bong Triple Honeycomb Perc 14'' stands 14 inches tall and made from high grade borosilicate glass.The freeze bong features with a straight tube base, a fixed downstem, triple honeycomb percs chamber and a detachable glycerin coil part. Includes matching bowl and plastic clips. The top glycerin part is detachable, you can put it in freezer for a few hours before using to get a quick cooling. The triple honeycomb perc is to offer you and your customers ultra smooth smoke filtration. Those glycerine bongs are available in black, green and blue colors.

    The joint size: 18.8mm
    Height: 14 inches
    Perc: triple honeycomb perc 
    Colors: blue, black, green
    Other: with freezable coil

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PHOENIX STAR Freezable Coil Bong Triple Honeycomb Perc 14''

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