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    Phoenix Star Recycler Dab Rig With American Northstar Borocolour Rod 8 Inches PHX711, standing at a compact 8 inches tall, has a wide base that ensures stability, so you can enjoy your dabs without worrying about any accidental tipping. The 14mm quartz banger offers a secure and airtight connection for seamless dabbing sessions. The 14mm joint is compatible with various accessories, allowing you to customize your setup according to your preferences. This oil rig features unique recycler function and an insert perc to deliver the smoothest flavor. The insert perc contains precision-cut holes, allowing the vapor to be diffused into a multitude of bubbles, resulting in smooth and flavorful hits that are gentle on the throat and lungs. The addition of a recycler function further enhances the dabbing experience. Its recycler function allows the vapor to be continuously cycled through the water chamber, ensuring maximum filtration and cooling. The use of American Northstar Borocolour Rod adds a touch of aesthetics to this recycler oil rig. The vibrant colors and intricate patterns of the borosilicate glass create a mesmerizing visual display as you take your dabs. 


    Height: 8 inches
    Made with American Northstar Borocolour Rod
    Feature: a 14.4mm quartz banger, Recycler design

    With Phoenix Star Logo

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Phoenix Star Recycler Dab Rig With American Northstar Borocolour Rod 8 Inches

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