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    Phoenix Star 9.2 Inches Recycler Dab Rig with Matrix Perc PHX469, crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, features an ergonomic mouthpiece with a bent neck acting as splash guard. Standing at 9.2 inches tall, the portable dab rig combines outstanding appearance with advanced filtration function to deliver smooth and flavorful hits. One of the key features of this rig is the Matrix Perc, located at the base of the oil rig. The Matrix Perc utilizes a complex system of small holes to diffuse the smoke as it passes through, resulting in a gentle and enjoyable hit. This efficient filtration process ensures a clean and smooth taste every time you take a dab. The recycler function of this dab rig takes the smoking experience to new heights. As you inhale, the smoke is efficiently recycled within the rig, passing through multiple chambers and percolators. This not only cools down the smoke but also enhances the filtration process, delivering an exceptionally smooth and satisfying hit.


    • Height: 9.2 inches
    • Thickness: 5 mm
    • Joint size: 14.4 mm
    • Perc: matrix perc
    • Recycler function
    • Colors: pink, blue, purple, green
    • With Phoenix Star logo

Phoenix Star 9.2 Inches Recycler Dab Rig with Matrix Perc

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