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    Phoenix Star Glycerin Recycler Bong with 8 Arm Pillar Perc & Showerhead Perc PHX636 combines a recycler design and built-in glycerin to offer powerful performance. Phoenix Star Dab Rig PHX636 comes with glycerin inside to provide smokers cooler flavors when putting it in the refrigerator for one to two hours or more before inhaling. And this freezable bong adopts a unique recycler design to let water flow constantly in the chamber for continuous filtration for smoother hits. Phoenix star recycler dab rig is equipped with reinforced 8 arms pillar perc & showerhead perc to diffuse and filter the smoke. The smoke will be more bubbles and more interactive surface with water after passing through the percs for better tastes. The water will roll and bubble to create a "whirlpool" shape to let smokers be relaxed. The recycler oil rig is constructed of high quality boros glass with 12 inches tall. 


    Height: 12 inches
    Perc 1: reinforced 8-arm pillar perc
    Perc 2: showerhead perc
    Feature: with glycerin, Recycler function
    Color: pink, green, blue, purple
    With Phoenix Star logo

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Phoenix Star Glycerin Recycler Bong with 8 Arm Pillar Perc & Showerhead Perc

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