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    Phoenix Star Glycerin Bong with Diffuser Ball Perc & Gridded Inline Perc 18.5 Inches, made of premium boros glass, measures 18.5 inches in height. The glycerin bong features two detachable parts: the top part with glycerin coil and the bottom part with percs, which are connected together tightly via a plastic keck clip. The matching color on its glycerin coil, keck clip, percs and wide & round base complement each other. Black, green and blue three colors available in Phoenix Star. This Phoenix glycerin bong is equipped with diffuser ball perc & gridded inline perc to diffuse and filter the smoke to offer you smoother tastes without damaging your lungs. The smoke will be split into more bubbles and more interactive areas with water for better filtration. And the tumbling water allows smokers to de-stress. Do you want to have a try? The glycerin coil bong can provide you and your customers with cooler hits. Once separate them and put the top part of the freezable coil in your refriger for one to two hours or even more before inhaling, then the cooler flavor lets you cool in summer.


    Height: 18.5 inches 
    Thickness: 5 mm
    Joint size: 18mm
    Perc 1: diffuser ball perc
    Perc 2: gridded inline perc
    Feature: with phoenix star logo
    Color: blue, green, black
    Include: bowl and keck clip

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Phoenix Star Glycerin Bong with Diffuser Ball Perc & Gridded Inline Perc 18.5 Inches

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