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    Phoenix Star designs and produces a unique tool of smoking concentrates: Nectar Collector. Its main function is that they can be dragged over concentrates to be inhaled. The glass nectar collector is much more portable than oil rig and easy to operate, so it gains exponential popularity.


    Phoenix Star 6.5 Inches Nectar Collector with Glycerin Coil PHX601, made of borosilicate glass, consists of tip, body and detachable neck, which is connected via a joint. There is a keck clip around the joint to avoid the neck falling. The smoke travels through the glycerin coil to the neck. If you put the body with glycerin coil into your refrigerator for one to two hours or even longer before inhaling, then you can enjoy cooler hits, an exciting smoking experience. The winding glycerin coil allows the smoke to go through the glycerin chamber for longer time, and the cool feeling of the flavor is better.


    Phoenix Star glycerin Nectar Collector PHX601 features 14mm female joint, and its height is 6.5 inches.


    Because the ease of using and the fun way of smoking, shopping a high quality Nectar Collector is a good idea. If you are looking for nectar collector, Phoenix Star can offer you the best nectar collector in wholesale price, welcome to buy.


    Height: 6.5 inches
    Joint size: 14mm
    Feature: with glycerin coil

Phoenix Star 6.5 Inches Nectar Collector with Glycerin Coil

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