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    This glass bong comes with two same size detachable joints, offering you a variety of uses based on your needs. Remove the perc section, and it becomes a classic beaker bong with ice catcher. If you prefer a purer smoking experience, just use all three parts together as a normal showerhead perc bong. You can even switch out the neck section for a glycerin top part for a cooler and more flavour hit. In brief, the detachable design gives you many possibilities, providing you with more space and fun for DIY customization

    Phoenix Star 19" Detachable Showerhead Perc Bong PHX853:
    • 2 Chambers
    • with Ice Catcher
    • 18mm Female Downstem Joint
    • 18mm Downstem Joint
    • 14mm Bowl for weed
    • Gender Changer, Nail/ Banger for concentrate, and Other Accessories Available
    • Borosilicate Glass with Phoniex Star Logos
    • Thickness: 5 mm
    • Height: 19”
    • Color: Clear
    • Plastic Clip Included
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Phoenix Star 19" Detachable Showerhead Perc Bong

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