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    Phoenix Star 18 Inches Glycerin Bong with Triple Freezable Coil PHX624 comes with triple glycerin coils and a pretty double beaker base. Phoenix Star freezable bong is 18 inches tall and constructed of 5mm thick glass for durability. The color of the freezable coil echoes the colors of the mouthpiece and the bowl. There are two pyramid percolators in the base, and the bottom one contains many slits for better diffusion. The downstem inserts down to the bottom directly. Just put your favorite tobacco in the bowl and light it, you can get the best enjoyment from this advanced glycerin pipe. This glycerin coil bong features three glycerin coils which is connected with the base by a plastic kick clip. You can put the removable freezable coil in your freezer for one to two hours before starting smoke. The cooler and smoother smoke will not let you down. This freezable glycerin bong is also suitable for glass collectors.

    Height: 18 inches
    Thickness: 5 mm
    Perc: pyramid perc
    Feature: with triple freezable coil
    Color: blue, black, green

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Phoenix Star 18 Inches Glycerin Bong with Triple Freezable Coil

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