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    Phoenix Star 18 Inch American Color Rod Beaker Bong PHX524 features a classic beaker shape, combined with an ice catcher, creating an exceptional smoking experience that is sure to satisfy. At 18 inches in height, this beaker bong is made with imported American Northstar Glass Rods to set this bong apart from the rest. Its unique color adds sophistication and grace to the overall design. The ice catcher feature is another excellent addition to this glass bong. Simply add ice cubes to the ice catchers, and the glass pipe will provide an extra cooling effect for your smoke, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. 

    • Height: 18 inches
    • Thickness: 50*5mm glass
    • Colors: green, lake green, white, blue
    • Features: made with imported American color rod, colorful downstem and bowl

Phoenix Star 18 Inch American Color Rod Beaker Bong

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