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A bong bowl, called also bong slide, is a removable component of a bong or water pipe that holds the smoking material, such as tobacco or cannabis. It is typically made of glass and attached to the downstem of the bong. The herb is placed inside the glass bowl. Then, the user ignites the weed with a lighter or a match while simultaneously inhaling through the mouthpiece of the bong. The smoke passes through the water in the glass smoking pipe, which helps to cool and filter it, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable smoking experience. 

Bowls for bong come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different preferences and smoking needs. Some bowls have built-in screens to prevent debris from being inhaled. Additionally, bong bowls can be customized with decorative designs or colors to personalize the smoking experience. Whether you're replacing a worn-out bowl or looking to enhance your current bong, you can find a proper water pipe bowl replacement on Phoenix Star Glass website. 
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