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    Phoenix Star Wine Glass Bong With Glycerin 6 Inches PHX662 boasts a unique design combining the beauty of a wine glass with the exceptional filtration power of a bong, ensuring you can enjoy your smoke in style. Its inline diffuser perc is sure to provide you with a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience. The wine glass shape adds a touch of refinement to any smoking session, while the glycerin chamber is a striking visual feature that perfectly complements the overall design. Simply place the glycerin bong in the freezer for a few hours before use, and it will offer an extra cooling effect for your smoke. At just 6 inches in height, this glass bong is compact and easy to transport, making it perfect for on-the-go use. The reinforced downstem provides additional support and stability, ensuring long-lasting use.


    Height: 6 inches
    Feature: Wine glass With Glycerin
    Joint size: 14mm 
    Color: Blue, Red, Green, Orange
    with Phoenix Star logo

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Phoenix Star Wine Glass Bong With Glycerin 6 Inches

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