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    PHOENIX STAR Straight Bong 7mm Thick 18 Inches PHX132 is a beautifully designed tall bong. It features with coloured accents and 24k gold outlines and pressing crystal thick base. Along with ice catcher, included downstem and glass bowl, this straight tube bong looks fantastic, works brilliantly and definitely get the job done perfectly. This phoenix straight bong has 3 prong ice pinch on the straight tube, so you can put 5 -6 ice cubes in the neck to cool down the smoke hits. This tall bong combines the simplicity, beauty and function perfectly!


    Height: 18 inches
    thickness: 50*7mm
    Base diameter: 5 inches 
    with ice cather
    Joint Size: 14.4mm
    With Phoenix Star Logo
    pressing crystal thick base  

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PHOENIX STAR Straight Bong 7mm Thick 18 Inches

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