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    Phoenix Star Glass Recycler Oil Rig 8.5" PHX830, an exquisite dab rig kit standing at a height of 8.5 inches for an enhanced smoking experience. This recycler dab rig features two donut chambers that serve as water reservoirs, providing a more pronounced filtration system and a cooler, smoother hit with each use.

    A quartz banger ensures a clean and pure vaporization process, making it an ideal choice for concentrate enthusiasts. The rig's design is not functional and visually appealing, with a solid beaker base adding to its stability and classic appeal.

    This dab bong is perfect for those who appreciate both form and function, offering a robust construction that promises durability and a design that stands out in any collection. Whether you're a seasoned user or new to the world of oil rigs, this dab rig kit is a fantastic addition to your smoking accessories. Its recycler functionality guarantees a unique and enjoyable dabbing session, while the beaker base provides the familiarity and ease of use that smokers love. Elevate your dabbing experience with the recycler oil rig, where quality meets innovation in every puff.

    Height: 8.5 inches
    Made with American Northstar Glass Rod
    Feature: a quartz banger, Recycler design

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Phoenix Star Glass Donut Recycler Oil Rig Kit 8.5"

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