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    This dab rig kit includes almost all the items needed for dabbing, making it very suitable for gifting or personal use. The recycler dab rig has a unique design, it is a great addition to any living room. This smaller rig ensures quick airflow and a faster cooling time, so the vapor moves and cools quickly but can't sit long enough to cool. Available in four colors, both male and female smokers can choose their favorite color.

    Gift Box Size: 18.8*27.5*9.5cm

    Package includes:
    Small Rig Recycler with 14mm Female Nail Joint
    14mm Dab Rig banger 
    Big glass ball cap serving as banger lid
    Two glass balls 
    2.2"*2" Storage jar 
    5.5" Metal&Glass Dabber
    Gift Box

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