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    PHOENIX STAR Glass Bubblers with 8 Arms Perc & Showhead Perc PHX482 is constructed from high-quality borosilicate glass with 18.8mm joint size to fit the 18.8mm downstems. The ergonomic design of its mouthpiece ensures safety and comfort, making it ideal for daily use. This glass pipe adopts double percolator system: an 8-arm perc and a showerhead perc to provide a smooth and flavorful smoking experience. This glass bong is equipped with an 8 arms perc, which uses multiple tiny slits to filter the smoke,  while the showerhead perc creates more bubblers and more interactive areas with water to improve smoke diffusion to offer smoother hits. The double perc system, combined with the unique appearance design, offers an elegant and modern look to make it a standout among bongs in its class. 

    • Joint size: 18.8 mm
    • perc 1 : 8 arms
    • perc 2 : showhead perc
    • Feature: With Phoenix Star Logo
    • Colors: Pink, Blue, Purple

PHOENIX STAR Glass Bubblers with 8 Arms Perc & Showhead Perc

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