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    PHOENIX STAR Diamond Base Bong 10 Inches PHX39 is made from handmade borosilicate glass and features a diamond base. The detachable accessories also make it easy for cleaning. It is 10 inches tall and 5mm thick, the phoenix star logo on neck reveals more delicate to these bulk beaker bongs. If you want more cooling hits, you can put some ice cubes on the ice catcher. When you light up your herbs, the diffused downstem begins to filter the smoke before it moves up. Compared to straight bong, these wholesale beaker bongs have larger chambers that allow more contact surface between water and smoke, also can hold more smoke every time when inhaling. Smoker will enjoy a longer and smoother hit via our phoenix star beaker bong. This well-built beaker bong can meet your basic smoking needs. They are perfect for beginners. 

    • Height: 10 inches
    • Thickness: 5 mm
    • Colors: green, black, blue
    • Include: with color Plastic Clip, color bowl, with phoenixstar logo

PHOENIX STAR Diamond Base Bong 10 Inches

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