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  • Description
     Phoenix Star 8-inch Beaker Bong PHX883,
    • 1 Chamber; Colorful downstem and bowl
    • 14mm Female Bowl Joint
    • 14mm Male Bowl for weed
    • Gender Changer, Nail/ Banger for concentrate and Other Accessories Available
    • Borosilicate&American Northstar Glass with Phoniex Star Logos
    • Height: 8”
    • Base Diameter: 3.5”
    • Unique Groove design Ice pinch

    Phoenix Star 8-inch high-quality small glass bong is made with the renowned American Northstar Glass Rod. This beaker bong boasts a colorful downstem and bowl that adds a vibrant touch. Designed for both beginners and enthusiasts, this compact beaker bong is perfect for those seeking a portable and reliable smoking companion. Its colorful design and high-quality construction make it a standout piece in any collection.

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Phoenix Star Colorful American Northstar Glass 8" Beaker Bong

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