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    Phoenix Star Glass Beaker Bong 16 Inches PHX335 a masterpiece of craftsmanship and design. Standing at an impressive 16 inches with a solid 7mm thickness, this premium borosilicate glass bong promises durability and a smooth, cool hit every time. The 50mm glass tube diameter ensures a robust draw, while the 2cm thick beaker base offers stability and a seamless connection to the downstem.

    Discover the
    sophistication of the 3 prong ice pinch feature, allowing you to add ice cubes directly from the mouthpiece for a refreshingly chilled smoke. The PHOENIX STAR Beaker Bong is not just a tool, but a statement piece with its matching echoing colors on the downstem, bowl, neck, and bottom, creating a visual symphony that complements its performance. 

    Color:  Black, Blue and Green
    Height: 16 inches
    Thickness: 50*7 mm
    Base diameter:4.8 inches    
    2cm thick beaker base                

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Phoenix Star Glass Beaker Bong 16 Inches

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