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    Phoenix Star Ash Catcher With Downstem & Inline Perc PHX762 is made from high-quality boros glass with a unique appearance designed to enhance your smoking experience. The sturdy design also prevents accidental breakage or damage during use or transportation. Featuring a choice of two different joint angles, 45 degrees for the 14mm joint and 90 degrees for the 18mm joint, you can choose the suitable ash catcher according to the joint of your bong. The ash catcher comes with a diffuser downstem which is compatible with 14mm bong bowls. Designed with functionality and durability in mind, the bong ash catcher is equipped with an inline perc to diffuse and filter the smoke, effectively catching ash and debris, keeping your water pipe clean and preventing it from clogging. 


    Joint Size: 45 degree 14mm / 90 degree 18mm
    Feature: Inline diffuser perc
    With downstem
    Color: Black, Blue, Green
    with Phoenix Star Logo

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Phoenix Star Ash Catcher With Downstem & Inline Perc

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