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    Phoenix Star SA53 Glass Downstem is a standard 6-cut style bong with an 18mm female joint size, which is commonly found in most bongs. The downstem is an essential bong accessory that provides the first filtration before smoke enters the bong.

    When buying a bong online, it's important to note that if you have a female joint, you will need male accessories and vice versa.

    It's crucial to have the correct joint size; otherwise, the bong session won't happen. To measure the joint size, you can use a dime coin. If the joint size is the same size as a dime, it's a 14mm joint. If the joint is smaller than a dime, it's a 10mm joint, and anything larger than a dime is an 18mm joint.

     Length: 4.5 inches
    Female Joint Size: 18mm
    Fit for all 14mm Bowl

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Phoenix Star 4.5 Inch 18mm Downstem with 6 Cuts Slide

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