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    Phoenix Star 20.5 Inches Inline Diffuser Perc Bong PHX540 is constructed of high quality borosilicate glass with 5.2 inches base diameter for stability. Decorated with American Northstar Glass Rod, the glass percolator bong is 20.5 inches tall, a large size water pipe with a beautiful appearance. This glass bong is equipped with a new design splash guard to prevent your lips from being wet. Especially, the sides of its splash guard extend several tubes with slits, a new design perc. The smoke passes through the fixed downstem to the inline perc on the bottom of the straight tube for the first diffusion. Then it goes up to the splash guard to be diffused to be more bubbles and interact with water to offer smokers a smoother and cleaner flavor. If you prefer cooler tastes, you can add ice cubes to the ice catcher from its mouthpiece to enjoy cooler hits.


    Height: 20.5 inches
    Glass: 65*5mm
    Base diameter: 5.2 inches
    Perc: a inline diffuser perc
    Features: with new design splash guard
    Include: ice catchers
    Color: green, yellow
    Made with American Northstar Glass Rod decoration


Phoenix Star 20.5 Inches Inline Diffuser Perc Bong

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