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  • Description

    Phoenix Star New Perc Bong PHX743, stands 18 inch tall. The tall percolator bong is made from permium borosilicate glass that can be used for a long time. 
    You can see the smoke diffuses in the chamber clearly. This 18 inch tall perc bong has an unique design and comes with a 5-arm downstem which makes it is a little different from others. A prominent feature of the percolator bong is the extra wide base to provide enough space for disintegration and filteration of smoke without splashing with your lips. simple in design but fully functional.


    Height: 18 inch        
    Joint size: 18.8 mm
    Perc: with 5 arms downstem
    Color: black, blue, green
    Features: extra round base   
    with Phoenix Star logo

Phoenix Star 18 Inch Percolator Bong with 5 Arms Downstem

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