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    Phoenix Star 17.2 Inches Percolator Bong PHX558 is crafted from 5mm thick borosilicate glass with imported American color rods. These wholesale percolator bongs are outfitted with a colorful reinforced downstem, an 18mm female joint, and the matching glass bowl also comes together. The percolator bong is equipped with a recycler tube for water and smoke moving in the chamber, making continuous filtration possible. This spectacular percolator bong has two showerhead percs and a four-layer honeycomb perc for further diffusing and filtration. The more holes the honeycomb perc has, the better the diffusion effect. You will get the most enjoyable smoking experience when these percolators work together. 


    Height: 17.2 inches
    Glass thickness: 50*5mm
    Joint size: 18mm
    Perc 1: a showerhead perc
    Perc 2: a four-layer honeycomb perc
    Perc 3: a colorful showerhead perc at the bottom
    Features: made with imported American color rod


Phoenix Star 17.2 Inches Percolator Bong with imported American color rod

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