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    Phoenix Star 17 Inches Percolator Bong with 8 Arms Perc constructed of high quality borosilicate glass, measures 17 inches in height. The glass pipe includes a detachable diffused downstem with slits, it's convenient to clean and replace. Its color bowl is connected with the same color downstem tightly via a plastic keck clip. And this glass bong is decorated with a balloon shape in the middle. And there is an 8-arm perc in the balloon. The smoke rises to the 8 arms perc from its beaker chamber to be diffused and filtered to be more bubbles and more interactive areas with water for smoother flavors. And the top cap of the 8 arms perc acts as a splash guard to avoid your lips wet. The rolling water will let you be relaxed. If you prefer cooler tastes, the ice catcher of percolator bong is always on call. Just put some ice cubes from its mouthpiece before inhaling, then you can enjoy the cooler hits. Blue, grey and green colors are available in Phoenix Star. 


    Height: 17 inches 
    Perc: 8 arms perc
    Feature: with colored bowl and colored downstem    
    Color: blue, green

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Phoenix Star 17 Inches Percolator Bong with 8 Arms Perc

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