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    Phoenix Star 16 Inches Beaker Bong With 5 Arms Downstem PHX645 is made of premium boros glass with long-time usage. The glass bong stands 16 inches tall with a beaker base diameter of 6 inches, the wide beaker base makes it more stable and unlikely to overturn even if bumped. 24K gold line design on neck makes this glass smoking pipe looks more visually appealing. This beaker bong features a diffuser downstem with 5 arms for the better flavor. When smoke was drawn through the downstem to the chamber, the 5-arm downstem shows its power to divide the smoke. The more bubbles and more interactive areas are produced, the better filtration. The black removable downstem allows you to replace it as you like. If you'd like a cool hit sometimes, you can put some ice cubes to the built-in ice catcher from the mouthpiece. Milk purple, milk green, milk blue and milk pink are available in Phoenix Star. 


    Height: 16 inches
    Base diameter: 6 inches
    Features: black downstem with 5 arms 
    Colors: milk pink, milk green, milk blue, milk purple
    With  24K gold line
    With Phoenix Star Logo

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Phoenix Star 16 Inches Beaker Bong With 5 Arms Downstem

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