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    14mm 18mm Screen Bowl with Mixed Color is a perfect accessory for your water pipes. It has a built-in glass screen, very easy to clean. Update your smoking experience with our phoenix star 14mm 18mm Screen Bowl now, they are both affordable and fashionable. 4 colors for your options.

    Characteristics of a Screen Bowl:

    1. Anti-Clogging: The screen prevents the smoking material from clogging the pipe's tube, keeping the water pipe clear and clean.

    2. Ease of Cleaning: As the smoking material is separated by the screen, cleaning the water pipe becomes more convenient, as users don't have to clean deep into the tube each time.

    3. Enhanced Smoking Experience: The screen helps to disperse the smoke, allowing for a more even filtration through the water, potentially leading to a smoother smoking experience.

    4. Reduction of Waste: Using a screen bowl can reduce waste of smoking materials, as any uneaten residue is caught by the screen and does not go directly into the water.

    Joint size: 14mm/18mm
    Feature: with built-in screen
    Color: green, milk green, pink, purple

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14mm 18mm Screen Bowl with Mixed Color

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