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    Phoenix Star Glass Water Pipe Bubbler Kit PHX800+PHX801, includes a small beaker bong, a 90 degree Ash Catcher and a bowl. This bubbler kit is made from handmade borosilicate glass which uses multiple tiny slits to filter the smoke.The glass beaker bong is equipped with 8 arms perc to diffuse the smoke to be more bubbles and more interactive spaces with water for smoother hits. The Ash Catcher features a Showerhead Perc and Recycler design, combined with the Beaker's 8-arm Perc, ensuring that every hit you take is incredibly cool and pure.

    Height: 8 inches
    Features: 8 arms perc, Matrix Perc,  with a recycler design
    Bowl Joint size: 14mm
    with phoenix star logo 
    New Design by Phoenixstar Team

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Phoenix Star 8 Inches Perc Bubbler with Ash Catcher and Bowl

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