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  • Description
    A weed grinder, also known as an herb grinder or spice grinder, is a tool used to grind marijuana, cannabis flowers, herbs, or other dried plant materials. It helps to increase the surface area of the material, making it easier to heat and use.

    The colorful grinder with a gradient color scheme, featuring a 4-piece design and a keef catcher, is made from Maximum-Strength Aircraft Grade Aluminum, offering both style and premium quality. This aluminum grinder features a diamond-shaped surface, enhancing friction and grip for easier rotation and operation. The square-shaped teeth ensure a consistent grind.

    4 pieces: 
    Magnetic Lid

    Grinding Chamber

    Stainless Steel Mesh Screen Screen

    Keef/Kief Catcher


    Diameter: 2.4"
    Height: 2"
    Weight: 142.2g

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Colored Weed Grinder

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