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Top 7 Father's Day Special Glass Bong&Pipe15% OFF

In this 2024 Father's Day filled with gratitude and celebration, Phoenix Star Glass pays tribute to fathers and everyone who plays the role of a father figure. Whether you are a proud dad or a child looking for a special gift for a 420 dad, Phoenix Star Glass has prepared a carefully selected list of smoking tools. These products are suitable as gifts and for personal use.

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Note: the below list is just a representative selection of Phoenix Star products, and other products are also eligible for discounts. Choose other glass smoking tools.

Phoenix Star 19" Detachable Showerhead Perc Bong
  $125  $106

Phoenix Star 19
- Two same-sized detachable parts for DIY customization
- Classic beaker bong with ice catcher
- Showerhead perc bong for a smother and purer hit
An ideal gift for fathers who pursue personalized and customized experiences.

Phoenix Star Small Beaker Bong With Thick Mouth & Heavy Base 
$45  $38

- Compact and portable design
- Comfortable thick mouth design
- Stable heavy base
- Suitable for beginners and connoisseurs
- Enhanced cooling and filtration effects
- Durable and stylish glass material
Especially suitable for practical fathers who focus on the actual use and durability of products rather than appearance or fancy features.

Phoenix Star Recycler Bubbler With Showerhead Perc 8.5 Inches
$90 $76
Phoenix Star Recycler Bubbler With Showerhead Perc 8.5 Inches
- Compact and portable size (8.5 inches high)
- Easy to carry and store
- Provides a satisfying smoking capacity
- Made of high-quality borosilicate glass
- Unique recycler design for a smooth taste
- Showerhead perc disperses smoke into multiple streams for maximum cooling and filtration
The combination of showerhead perc and recycler design is especially suitable for stoner dads who seek a cleaner and more enjoyable smoking experience.

Phoenix Glass Bubbler Menorah Bong With Eight 14mm Joint
135$ 114$
Phoenix Glass Bubbler Menorah Bong With Eight 14mm Joint
- Huge bubbler chamber for smooth, cool hits
- Eight 14mm joints for multiple uses and customization options
- Suitable for various occasions, especially group gatherings
- Replace all or some of the joints with bowls to adapt to different friends and flavors
- Perfect for holiday parties, offering endless smoking possibilities
- High-quality borosilicate glass with Phoenix Star logos
Great for fathers who want to share smoking experiences with family or friends during special moments. Also a good choice for fathers looking for cost-effective and high-quality designs.

Phoenix Star 5" American Northstar Glass Hand Pipe
$55 46$

- Large bowl for smoke filtration
- Made with the famous American Northstar glass rod and dichro, presenting vibrant colors
- 5-inch glass pipe
Especially suitable for dope dads who love aesthetically pleasing items with bright colors and unique designs.

Phoenix Star Glass Glycerin Hand Pipe 4.8 Inch
$38  32$
Phoenix Star Glass Glycerin Hand Pipe 4.8 Inch
- Filled with glycerin for a cool smoking experience
- Refrigeration time can be adjusted according to the desired level of coolness
- Bamboo-joint design of the smoke path helps filter the smoke, providing a pure taste
- Ideal for smokers who seek a cool and pure flavor
Especially suitable for smokers who like to use a hand pipe and need a cool sensation in the hot summer.

Phoenix Star Glass Dab Rig Set 7 Pieces
$135  114$
Phoenix Star Glass Dab Rig Set 7 Pieces
- Includes almost all items needed for dabbing, suitable for gifting or personal use
- Unique recycler design, suitable as a living room decoration
- Smaller size ensures quick airflow and faster cooling time
- Smoke moves and cools quickly but doesn't stay long enough to cool too much
- Available in four colors, suitable for male and female smokers
Great for fathers who are just starting to try dabbing; this set provides everything needed for easy entry.

Phoenix Star 8.5 Inches Starbucks Dab Rig
$100  85$
Phoenix Star 8.5 Inches Starbucks Dab Rig
- Design similar to Starbucks cups, with high recognition and appeal
- Stable standing and portability, suitable for taking out
- Total height of 8.5 inches, including a quartz banger
- Contains colorful pure glycerin inside for a cool smoking experience
- Can be put in the freezer for 1-2 hours to achieve the coolest hit
Great for trendy and cool smoking enthusiasts. At gatherings with friends, the unique design and function of this dab rig can become a highlight of the party.

Phoenix Star 4 Layers Herb Grinder 2.5" Diameter
$65  55$

Phoenix Star 4 Layers Herb Grinder 2.5
- Durability: Made of aircraft-grade aluminum for durability and longevity
- Efficient grinding: Four-layer design allows efficient grinding, ensuring a finely ground product every time
- Sharp teeth: Effortlessly break down herbs, providing a consistent grind for optimal burning or vaporization
- Magnetic lid: Keeps herbs secure during grinding
- Spacious grinding chamber: Provides enough space for herbs and promotes an even grind
- Pollen screen: Ensures only the finest particles go into the pollen catcher, allowing enjoyment of the original flavor after full burning
- Portability: 2.5 inches in diameter and 2.3 inches in height, practical and portable
Great for smokers who pursue high-quality herb grinders.

In conclusion, Phoenix Star Glass understands that every father is unique. Whether as a gift or for personal use, we are committed to providing the highest quality smoking tools. We believe that each product can be the perfect companion for your Father's Day celebration, whether as a thank you for the hard work of fathers or as a special reward for oneself. On this special day, let us celebrate the greatness of fatherly love together and choose a gift that can express your heart, allowing love and respect to bloom on this day.


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