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How to Celebrate 420 International Cannabis Day

420 International Cannabis Day, also known as International 420 Day, is a global celebration to advocate for the legalization and acceptance of marijuana. It usually takes place on April 20 every year and attracts thousands of marijuana enthusiasts who participate in various forms of celebrations. This article focuses on the common waysways to celebrate 420. If you are a marijuana enthusiast, you can choose your favorite way to have a meaningful 420 in 2024!
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420 International Cannabis Day originated in 1971 with a group of high school students in California who gathered outside the school at 4:20 p.m. every day to smoke marijuana in front of the Louis Pasteur statue. This time grew to become a code for marijuana culture and eventually evolved into a global celebration.

Over time, this DAY has evolved from a small, secret gathering to a large public event and festival that attracts thousands of cannabis enthusiasts. These events are not only an opportunity to celebrate and consume marijuana, but also a form of peaceful protest against laws that criminalize marijuana use.

On the day of 420 Cannabis Day, people celebrate in a variety of ways, and these events demonstrate
the communal 
joy and shared experiences that cannabis can bring. Then, how people usually celebrate 420?

1. Venues to smoke marijuana
Public gatherings: in some states that have legalized marijuana, such as Colorado and California, people will gather in public places to smoke marijuana together. For example, in Denver, Colorado,  large-scale 420 gatherings are held annually where people gather at the Civic Center Park in downtown to enjoy the pleasures of marijuana.
Private Parties: In addition to public gatherings, many marijuana enthusiasts choose to celebrate this special day with friends and family by hosting a party at a private residence.

2. Concerts and Cultural Events
420 Concerts: Music is an integral part of the 420 Cannabis Day celebration. Many cities host themed concerts featuring well-known bands and DJs to create a relaxing atmosphere. For example, some cities in California host 420 Concerts, which attract a wide range of music lovers and marijuana users.

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Art exhibitions and film screenings: On this day, some art centers and movie theaters also host exhibitions and film screenings related to cannabis culture, showcasing the influence of cannabis in art and film.

3. Rallies and Marches
Peace marches: The 420 Cannabis Day is also a time for people to show their support for the legalization of cannabis. In some cities, people organize peaceful marches carrying signs calling for reform of marijuana-related laws.
Advocacy Rallies: In addition to marches, many marijuana advocacy organizations will hold rallies on this day, inviting speakers to share their views and experiences and raise public awareness of marijuana legalization.

4. Other Events

Offline Dispensary Promotions: Various events and promotions are usually held on this day to attract a large number of customers and marijuana enthusiasts, such as Cannabis Culture Northampton, Harborside, MedMen and so on.
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Cannabis Cooking Contests: In some areas, people hold cannabis cooking contests to show how cannabis can be incorporated into food to create delicious cannabis food.
Cannabis Product Fairs: The 420 Day is also a great opportunity for cannabis related businesses to showcase their new products. Some of the exhibitions are where people can learn about the latest cannabis products and technologies
Thus, the 420 International Cannabis Day is not only a symbol of cannabis culture, it also represents a cultural evolution and resistance movement that has shaped a stronger and more united community than ever before. The festival has become an important part of cannabis culture and is recognized and celebrated globally.




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