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By Phoenix Star Glass | 09 May 2023 | 0 Comments

What is the difference of Recycler Bong and Incycler Bong?

Bongs have long been a favorite among smoking enthusiasts due to their ability to deliver smooth and filtered hits. While traditional bongs have certainly evolved over time, two innovative designs have gained significant attention in recent years: recycler bongs and incycler bongs. 

Recycler Bongs:
Recycler bongs are revered for their exceptional water filtration and recycling system. The distinguishing feature of a recycler bong is the incorporation of one or more additional chambers connected through various percolators and tubes. This design allows water and smoke to circulate within the bong, providing an intensified and smoother hit.

The primary purpose of a recycler bong is to recycle the smoke and filter it through multiple percolators. This process creates additional diffusion, resulting in cooler and cleaner hits by removing impurities and reducing the harshness of the smoke. The continuous flow of water ensures that the smoke is continuously filtered, providing a consistently enjoyable smoking experience.

Incycler Bongs:
Similar to recycler bongs, incycler bongs also employ a water recycling system, but with a slight variation in design. Instead of recycling the smoke through separate chambers, incyclers still have the two-chamber system, the second chamber is housed within the first, rather than alongside it. Incyclers can deliver the same smooth hits as recyclers but tend to be a bit more compact in design.

The key advantage of incycler bongs is their compact design, which makes them more portable and easier to handle compared to recycler bongs. Incycler bongs offer a simpler and more streamlined smoking experience, while still providing excellent water filtration and cooling.

Differences in Functionality:
The primary functional difference between recycler bongs and incycler bongs lies in the way they recycle and filter the smoke. Recycler bongs tend to offer a more intricate and complex recycling system, with separate chambers and a higher number of percolators. This results in a more thorough filtration process and a smoother hit, making them ideal for seasoned smokers who appreciate intense flavors and cooler hits.

On the other hand, incycler bongs provide a more straightforward and compact recycling system, suitable for those who prefer a fuss-free smoking experience without compromising performance. The simplicity of the internal recycling system in incycler bongs still allows for effective water filtration and cooler hits, albeit with a slightly milder effect.

Which One is Right for You?
Recycler bongs and incycler bongs both offer unique features and enhance the smoking experience. Recycler bongs excel in their elaborate recycling systems and multiple percolators, providing intense flavors and smoother hits. In contrast, incycler bongs offer a more streamlined design with efficient water recycling, catering to those who prefer a compact and easy-to-use option.

Choosing between a recycler bong and an incycler bong ultimately depends on your personal preferences and smoking habits. If you value intricate and complex designs that offer maximum filtration and intensified hits, a recycler bong might be the perfect choice for you. However, if you prioritize compactness, convenience, and a simpler smoking experience without compromising performance, an incycler bong may be more suitable.

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